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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS and PASS THE WORDNARRATIVE (III): PUNCTUATIONS, SEAMS, SYNTHESES, TRANSFORMATIONSA symposium in conjunction with the Special Interest Group on Empirical Semiotics, for the 44th Annual Meeting of the Semiotic Society of America; Portland, Oregon, 9-13 October 2019Co-organized by Myrdene Anderson (Purdue University) Donna E. West (State University of New York at Cortland) Symposium Abstract Narrative emerges in the “now”—of utterance or documentation—but it may have a prehistory and leave traces called history, and its narrativity may arise from, and engage with, imaginary or projected others. We continue to muse about alternative ways in which selves both invent and discover selves, and how these reverberate, to the extent that the institutions of culture consolidate around stories, science included. Percolating and/or seeping from interiority, summoned and/or exacted by exteriority, and whether worded or not, narrative actualizes human lived experience, expectations, and whether written or not, also histories. This symposium, building on earlier ones, documents the emergence of utterance under conditions of spontaneity, meditation, and premeditation, and/or under ongoing conditions of reaction, reciprocation, and rejoinder, and/or when captured in documentary form. It also ventures onto genres of transhumanism, posthumanism, fabulation, and “algorithming”, never shunning another of our longterm fascinations with performativities, doing magic with and without words. Once more, we explore narrative as it distinguishes viewing events from within and without (perfectivity against imperfectivity), and as it entangles time and space, mind and matter, individual and society, object and theory, the 4 E’s of cognition, and Umwelt. Keywords: narrative, text, expression, imaginationJoin us and pass the wordFIRST, register for the conference (and pay dues) through the Semiotic Society of America website: to SSA your abstract (150-word limit)—together with title (15-word limit) and keywords (limit of 6), your name/affiliation/email, indicating its inclusion in this symposium.BUT ALSO SEND THE ABOVE TO BOTH CO-ORGANIZERS: Myrdene Anderson (Purdue University) Donna E. West (State University of New York at Cortland) Please submit symposium abstracts to co-organizers by Sunday, 26 May 2019.[The deadline for volunteered abstracts, submitted directly, is Friday, 31 May 2019.]
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